Pregnancy Circle

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A pregnancy circle is a homely, safe space for women to come together to express and explore the highs and lows of being pregnant in this day and age. Each woman carries within her all the knowledge and wisdom she needs to grow and birth her baby in a way that is right for them both. Through meditation, visualisations and affirmations we aim to move beyond all the limiting messages that we receive from the society around us, and we begin to trust in ourselves as the ‘experts’ of our own birthing bodies. 

Using simple breath awareness and voice work we will free our voices to enable open and honest expression of thoughts, feelings and sensations – especially preparing us for using natural sounds to aid us in labour. This is no school choir! It doesn’t matter whether you think you can sing or think you can’t, this is about bathing our babies in sound, and losing our inhibitions about using our voice.

When beginning to explore our subconscious feelings around giving birth and becoming a parent, it can be so helpful to express oneself artistically, thereby bypassing our conscious brains and allowing expression through primitive birth art. This requires no artistic skill or talent, and will be carefully guided so that you feel confident, whatever your artistic history! Birth art can be simply an angry red scribble on a page, or a colourful landscape of abstract beauty. Many women say that sharing their art with the rest of the group was really helpful, however it is completely up to you whether you choose to share yours.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we will create a safe and confidential ‘talking circle’ as is the way in many ancient cultures and is on the rise again today in places like Red Tents and other conscious communities. The invitation is for each person in turn, to speak, without interruption or feedback, about what is alive in their hearts in that moment. This often brings huge release and relief to women who have been carrying emotional burdens, or thoughts that they feel they cannot voice elsewhere. This may sounds like a daunting thing to do in a room full of strangers, but I have seen time and time again, a group of total strangers transformed into a group of closest friends through the simple practice of a talking circle.

If all this intrigues but intimidates you – that’s okay! Birth is about leaping far far into the unknown and finding ease in that. So learning to take smaller leaps in the lead up to that will fill you with confidence, and you may even meet some lifelong companions along the way! However you feel about it, you are welcome.

First session, half price, thereafter, £20. Concessions are available for those on low income.

Please email or facebook message to book your place – limited places available.